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CLCD Enterprise

Designed with 50 search filters, a unique Boolean Power Search and Award Search that supports exploration of the largest and most diverse children’s literature database in the industry.

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Advanced Search with 50 Filters, Deep and Broad Content,
Boolean Search, Industry First Award Search

University professors and librarians rely on professionally developed content and extensive search capabilities. Enterprise is a trusted teaching and learning resource in a majority of universities with degree programs in Education, Literature, or Library and Information Science. Find professional reviews, award-winning titles, and more, for analysis of children’s and young adult literature.

Powerful Search System

Unique search system with 50 filters that supports searching with multiple criteria. The Boolean Power Search feature allows researchers and power-users a way of exploring our deep and diverse content.

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Industry-first Award Search

For over a decade CLCD has captured the largest comprehensive collection of national and international awards in the industry. Today, the database has over 160,000 entries for thousands of diverse and different awards.

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Local Collection Management

This powerful feature enables the institution to upload their MARC file into the CLCD database. Leverage the depth of titles in CLCD to immediately identify an institution's children's and YA collection data.

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Deep and Broad Content

The CLCD Enterprise platform uses the most comprehensive database in the industry. Acknowledged for its depth and breadth of content, the database contains over two million fiction and non-fiction children’s books and media titles enhanced with thousands of awards, reviews, curriculum tools and more.

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